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7 Reasons to Start Advertising via Marketplaces

Do you want to learn more about advertising on Marketplaces? In summary, advertising on and Amazon not only offers the opportunity to quickly showcase [...]

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Amazon Coupons – Boost Your Sales with Smart Marketing

What Are Amazon Coupons? Amazon Coupons are digital discount vouchers offered to both sellers and customers on the Amazon platform. They serve as an effective [...]

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MarketPlace Expert is now recognized as an SBB accredited training company!

What does this mean for students? As a recognized training company, we provide students with the opportunity to learn and grow in a real professional [...]

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Channable Marketplace integrator

A Powerful Integrator for Your E-commerce The Channable Integrator is a robust platform that simplifies the process of managing product listings, inventory, and orders across [...]

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One Stop Shop (OSS)

What exactly is the One Stop Shop? You and your company are ready to start selling in the European market. This also means that you’re [...]

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Marketplace SEO

What is SEO? SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimisation’. Most people simply call it ‘SEO’. We at MarketPlace Expert can help you optimise the data [...]

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Advertising opportunities on When customers search for a certain product on, you can use a ‘Sponsored Products’ campaign to make sure that your [...]

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Amazon A+ content

What is Amazon A+ content? With A+ content, you provide your product descriptions with unique and original content. You place descriptions that describe your products [...]

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Amazon Brand Store

Wat is een Amazon Brand Store? The Amazon Brand Store is like having your own webshop within the Amazon shop. You get your own environment [...]

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Amazon Advertising

What is Amazon Advertising? With Amazon Advertising, you ensure that during an online search for a product using a keyword, your advertisement is displayed at [...]

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Amazon Brand Registry

Would you like to know more about Brand Registry? We would love to discuss this with you, and as an MPExpert, we know all about [...]

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Logistics via

What is Logistics via Bol (LvB)? ‘Logistics via’ (LvB) differs from ‘Shipping via’. You can buy package stamps to swiftly and affordably [...]

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