Marketplace Academy

All products are displayed beautifully on the Marketplaces, the SEO is in perfect order, and sales continue to increase. Time for you to take over everything internally while maintaining the same quality? You can do so quickly and easily with the MPAcademy!

The MarketPlace Academy

Do you have the right people available but not the necessary marketplace power yet? MPE has excellent training courses for all facets of the Marketplace process. Our training provides people with the skills they need to generate and manage their company with pleasure and power in no time. Our training courses cover all phases of the marketplace process

Marketplace Learn & Management

With the Learn & Management training course, we manage the marketplaces and train the new in-house marketplace specialist. This is personalised training; we go through the processes and common problems step by step. After the training, the trainee receives a certificate on which we describe what was covered and which marketplace skills the employee has mastered.

Common themes covered in the training course:

  • Adding/updating products
  • Marketplace SEO
  • Registering a fulfilment shipment
  • Fulfilment by Amazon
  • Logistics via Bol
  • Advertising on the marketplaces
  • Successfully creating A+ content
  • How to create a profitable Amazon Store

A tailored Marketplace training course

Our training courses are tailored to the employee’s needs and existing knowledge; we always provide a suitable tailored proposal. After achieving the certificate, we also offer a helpdesk service for advice and strategy.

For the Learn and Management training course MP Academy, we always provide a tailored quote based on the needs and requirements of the client.

More about the MarketPlace Academy?

Do you have any questions, or would you like to receive more information? Our MarketPlace Academy specialists are happy to assist you. Contact us today to discover how MPExpert can help your company grow on the marketplaces.

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