Selling through Marketplaces

There are many different marketplaces. For consumers, they are one-stop shops. For companies, they provide the opportunity to offer products to a new market.


Why sell on Marketplaces?

Marketplaces are the e-commerce channels of our time. In fact, 60% of the total e-commerce turnover in Europe came from marketplaces. There, consumers have a huge range of various providers at their disposal. Due to the millions of visitors, sellers enjoy strong online visibility of their products. For many companies, marketplaces are not simply a way to increase their online sales; it can also be part of their marketing strategy. By placing your products on marketplaces, you ensure your brand’s visibility among your target group!

Welke marktplaatsen zijn er?

Selling on Amazon

Selling on

Selling on FonQ

Selling on Zalando

Selling on Kaufland

Selling on Carrefour

Facebook / Instagram Store

Selling on Google Shopping

Selling through the Marketplaces

Are you ready to increase your sales?

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