Selling on Amazon

With its enormous reach, Amazon is the Marketplace to sell your products internationally. With just one account, you can reach customers in all eight of Amazon’s European marketplaces: the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Sweden, Poland and Belgium!

Why selling on Amazon?

Amazon is the largest Marketplace in all of Europe. In fact, Amazon accounts for around 25% of all European e-commerce.

By March 2020, Amazon Europe had 176 million unique visitors, the total revenue worldwide was $280 billion in 2019, and with the continued rise in online sales, the revenue will be even higher now. Amazon delivers products to more than 100 countries, and in Europe, they process approximately 2,700 products sold per minute. Amazon Europe now has 86,000 third-party sellers with more than 100K in sales per month. Amazon is by far the largest marketplace and offers sellers unparalleled reach and visibility. It is not only the best way to launch your brand internationally, but through Amazon, you also connect with millions of consumers.


Monthly unique visitors in the EU


Third party sellers with a turnover above €100k


Products sold per minute

Amazon Seller vs Vendor

There are two ways in which you can sell on Amazon. You can do this through either the Seller or the Vendor programme. The main difference between Amazon sellers and vendors is who actually sells the product.

Amazon Seller – the selling party

As an Amazon Seller, you are the seller of your products. You are ultimately responsible for sales, marketing, customer service and shipping. As a seller, you can choose to outsource the shipping and customer service via Amazon FBA.

Amazon Vendor – supplier

The Vendor programme is designed for direct manufacturers and distributors. You can only become a vendor by Amazon invitation. As a Vendor, Amazon buys the products directly from you, and Amazon takes care of the entire sale and after-sales process.

Amazon integration with an integrator

The Amazon marketplace is fully integrated with several integrators, such as Channable en ChannelEngine. No more manual operations! An integrator is the perfect interface between Amazon and your own webshop.

  • Manage all your marketplaces in one clear system

  • Always actual stock and price info

  • Centralised product information

  • Order processing in your webshop

  • Also possible in combination with FBA/Multi-Channel Fulfilment

More about Marketplace Integrators

Selling on Amazon

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