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Commercial sales on Facebook or Instagram? Yes you can! Use the shopping page to give your company a storefront on Facebook and/or Instagram!

Why selling through Facebook and Instagram?

Facebook and Instagram are some of the most influential social media platforms globally. More and more companies see these channels as an essential part of their marketing strategy, from sharing information and getting in touch with the target group to advertising. The new function of the Facebook shopping page / Instagram Shopping can be an important addition to your current social media strategy!


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Facebook store front

The Facebook shopping page allows you to open your own store within Facebook. Users can visit your store, view the products and pay without leaving the app. Additionally, you can get even more value out of your communication by tagging these products in shared images or videos. This way, you can direct the reader of certain content to the relevant product page!

Instagram shopping

Instagram Shopping is the name of the shopping destination for Instagram users. The Instagram Store has the same functionalities as the Facebook Store. To create an Instagram Store, the professional Instagram account must be linked to a Facebook page.

An online sales channel is particularly suitable in a place where people find inspiration. That’s probably exactly what Instagram thought when they launched Instagram Shopping in 2018. Instagram’s online checkout boasts many visitors with over a billion users worldwide, including some 5 million in the Netherlands. This social platform is particularly popular among teenagers and young adults.

Facebook commerce manager integratie met een integrator

The Facebook trading catalogue can be fully integrated with multiple integrators, such as Channable en ChannelEngine. No more manual operations! An integrator is the perfect interface between Facebook Shopping and your own webshop.

  • Manage all your marketplaces in one clear system

  • Always the latest stock and pricing info

  • Centralised product information

  • Order processing in your webshop

More about Marketplace Integrators

Selling through Facebook & Instagram

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