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Prevent language errors by choosing a professional translation agency

Professional product translations

It is important that the content of the translation is correct and that everything is written correctly. Language errors give a sloppy and unprofessional impression and cause misunderstandings about the products when the translation is incorrect. You can prevent this by having your product descriptions translated by a professional translation agency. After all, when the texts are translated correctly, it creates a professional impression that inspires confidence. This may also result in more visitors to your website (traffic) and more sales (conversion). A correct translation is essential for selling your products on online marketplaces.

Translation by native speakers

Translating product information involves many more elements than simply translating a text into the desired target language. It is important that the translator also has a good understanding of the relevant culture. This is why the translation agency we partner with only works with native speakers. These professional translators have a good feel for their own native language and knowledge of the culture and local customs. They not only translate the texts into the desired target language but are also able to translate them, where necessary, according to the accepted spoken language. Of course, they also proofread everything to ensure that it is all grammatically correct.

Team of professional translators

We help our clients with product descriptions in various languages and place them strategically on different online marketplaces to increase traffic and conversion. We have a permanent team of native translators to completely relieve our customers of any translation worries. We work together with native German, English, France, Spanish and Italian speakers.

It is important to realise that the tone of voice is different in every language. The Dutch are generally quick to address you with ‘you’. In Germany, people usually opt for a more formal address, namely sir/madam. This is also customary in Belgium, but this form of address in Belgian still comes across as less formal than when used in German. Our translators will be happy to discuss your target group and how to best address them in the various texts.

Our approach

To ensure that our team of translators can work as effectively and efficiently as possible on the translation of your product information, we apply the following procedure.

Step 1: Submit your content

A translator can only start translating when the delivered texts are 100% complete. This means that the text is correct in terms of content and that someone has done the final editing. Translators do not work as copywriters or final editors for the source text. They only translate the source text. If you, as an entrepreneur, would like help with the source text, the copywriters within our team can help you supply the correct product descriptions and other website texts so that the translators can do their work.

Step 2: Non-binding offer

Our translators are paid a rate per ‘source word’. If the delivered text contains, for example, 1000 words, then that is the number of source words for which they get paid. That’s why it is important for our no-obligation quote that we receive a fully edited text which is also the document the translators will use.

Step 3: Our native translator starts translating

If there are no questions on either side about the source texts and you agree to the quote, one of our native translators will start the job. This also means that no more texts can be submitted. If you need more text translated, this is no problem, but we will regard it as a new assignment.

Step 4: Quality check by a second translator

To ensure that we deliver quality, we always edit the translations. Another native translator reads the translated text and performs the final editing. During this quality check, grammar, spelling and style are rechecked.

Step 5: Delivery of the translation

We agree on a deadline in advance and deliver the translation on the agreed date. You will then receive the source document and also the translated document from us. If you would like advice on the strategic placement of the texts on the various e-commerce platforms, please contact us. We will be happy to assist you.

Translation costs

The costs for translations have different variables. The number of words, for example, and the type of translation plays a role. Think of technical, legal or SEO translations. Request a no-obligation quote, and we will be happy to advise you on the possibilities.

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