German Packaging Act VerpackG

Do you sell in Germany? Make sure you comply with the German VerpackG packaging law!

At Marketplace Expert, we take pride in being a partner of Thanks to this strategic partnership, you can fully comply with the requirements of packaging legislation in Germany!

Lizenzero provides the solution for compliance with the German VerpackG packaging law. All processes are completely digital and designed to run seamlessly.

With Lizenzero as your MPPartner, you can be assured of proper compliance with the German packaging law!

The importance of a packaging licence

Obtaining a packaging license is essential. Without the appropriate packaging license, products may no longer be eligible for sale on various marketplaces, including

Lizenzero can also assist you throughout Europe: Check for various European packaging licences

About Lizenzero is your partner for packaging licensing in Germany. As a digital platform of Interseroh+, a leading environmental service provider from Germany, offers you simple solutions for the implementation of German VerpackG packaging law!

The benefits of Lizenzero

  1. The solution for the German VerpackG packaging law
    With Lizenzero, licensing your packaging becomes a pleasure instead of a burden – join your system.
  2. All-in-one package
    The license package, priced at a minimum of 39 euros annually, not only includes your packaging license but also several complimentary additional services. These include our volume download for LUCID, an online seal and the resource protection certificate, which is essential for optimal service!

  3. Dual system
    As a dual system, Lizenzero takes care of the entire cycle of your packaging. This means: They organise the collection, sorting and recycling of your packaging – giving it a new life as packaging or product.


The packaging licensing specialist

  • Part of Interseroh+
  • 30 years of expertise
  • From €39 per year

Wondering what Lizenzero can do for you?

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