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Amazon Brand Registry

Do you want a better brand experience for your customers on Amazon? And do you want to strengthen and protect your brand and increase your brand awareness? Then you can opt to register for Amazon's trademark registry: Amazon Brand Registry® to prevent trademark infringement. Additionally, Amazon provides you with several handy tools to give your customers a better shopping experience on Amazon. This will help to strengthen your brand.
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What is Amazon Brand Registry®?

Amazon started its own trademark registry, which is called Amazon Brand Registry®. This way, Amazon helps you protect your brand name. You can now easily identify, assess and report thanks to a simple and clear process. They also help you to give your brand a strong position on Amazon. There is room on your product page for placing strong content (A+ content) to clearly show your brand story and product features to your customers with text and images.

Requirements Brand Registry

Amazon only accepts logos consisting of words (word marks) and logos with words and images (combined word-image marks). Additionally, your brand name must be registered as a trademark with one of the official trademark registration offices in the European Union (EU). Examples include the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property (BOIP) and World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO). As the owner of your trademark, you will have to arrange this yourself at one of the official offices.

The advantages of the Brand Registry-programme

Once your trade name is in Amazon’s trademark registry and your registration is complete, they will help you strengthen and protect your brand as a business owner. They do this by providing several handy tools. With these tools, they assist you in increasing your brand awareness and protecting your brand.

To adequately protect your brand, it’s crucial to take an active role. Posting unique content is essential, but so is staying vigilant about what’s happening and reporting any trademark violations to Amazon when in doubt.

Build your brand:

  • Space for extensive text with images on your Amazon product pages (A+ content)
  • Advertisements featuring your logo and a customized ad title
  • Build your own Amazon brand store; your own store on Amazon
  • Insight into search terms and customer behavior with Amazon’s brand analysis

Protect your brand:

  • Optimization of your product listings for accurate information
  • Automated safeguards to proactively remove inaccurate information
  • Easily detect, assess, and report misuse of your brand to Amazon

Brand protection

It is crucial to protect your trademark or trade name. As an entrepreneur, you work every day to promote your brand and make the best possible impression on your (potential) customers. When others want to profit from your work and success, they abuse the identity and image of your company. Amazon recognises the need to prevent this and assists you in organising trademark protection as seamlessly as possible within Amazon. Brand registration, brand monitoring and brand protection are important components of this. The Amazon Brand Registry® programme supports you in terms of your products on their platform.

Manage your own content

Amazon does not write the content for your brand story and your products. You/your company takes care of that yourself. However, they do provide guidelines on how to go about this so that you can write unique content. Unique means that the texts are original and cannot be found anywhere else. It is important for your brand story that your (potential) customers know who you are as a company, what you sell and why. It also means that the product texts must be concise and clear. It must clearly state the benefits of each product so that the customer can make an informed choice.

Exemption EAN code

Some products do not have an international article number or a European Article Number (EAN code). This refers to the well-known barcode that consists of 13 numbers. Do your products not have an EAN code, or are they missing another code like an ISBN or UPC? Then you can apply for an exemption for this on Amazon. Amazon calls this a GTIN exemption (GTIN-Exemption). GTIN means a Global Trade Identification Number (GTIN). How does Amazon number your products in their online marketplace? Amazon uses an Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) for products placed on Amazon. This means you will ultimately have a trade identification number for your products.

Amazon A+ content

Amazon’s A+ content feature allows you to describe your products’ most important features. You can post a unique brand story, add quality images and control the placement of the text. The goal is to get more people to visit your brand page, which hopefully will lead to more sales.

Amazon Brand Store

As a seller with a registered trademark, you can create your own store on Amazon: Amazon Store. You can see it as your own online webshop within Amazon. It is a free service offered by Amazon, allowing you to position your brand and product range on different pages.

Sponsored brands

In addition to the standard product advertising, you can also place a sponsored brand ad. This type of ad increases the awareness of your brand and its product(s), and you determine your presentation to your customers to increase your brand’s visibility. You can use a sponsored brand advertisement to emphasise what makes your company unique or draw attention to certain products.

Would you like to know more about Brand Registry?

We would love to discuss this with you, and as an MPExpert, we know all about the possibilities of Amazon Brand Registry. We will be happy to offer you advice tailored to your company on how to best position your brand and product range on Amazon to increase traffic, conversion and sales. Visit our page Selling on Amazon, Amazon Outsourcing, or get in touch with us!

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