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Logistics via

Would you like to take over the logistics of shipping your products within the Netherlands and Belgium? That is possible with the ‘Logistics via’ service. They will deliver your products to the correct address in the Netherlands or Belgium at an attractive rate within one day.

What does Logistics via Bol entail (LvB)?

‘Logistics via’ (LvB) is different from ‘Shipping via’. You can purchase the package stamps to send your products quickly and inexpensively via PostNL.

Logistics via means that also takes over part of the logistic process of your company. Your products will be stored in’s warehouse, and you outsource the shipping and handling of orders to’s logistics centre. This logistic service offers you all kinds of advantages that increase traffic to your webpage on their website, and in turn, this will increase the potential for more sales and revenue.

The conditions has several conditions you must meet before using this logistics service. You can only use it if your company is located in the Netherlands. Furthermore, the products you want to send must be new; previously used products are not allowed. The maximum permitted weight per product is 16 kilograms or a maximum volume of 71 litres. The product size may not be larger than 72 (L) x 50 (W) x 41 (H) centimetres. The product must have a shelf life of 100 days, and hazardous substances are not permitted.

Logistics via – the advantages

If you meet the conditions, it could be a wise move to let handle the shipping of your products. Logistics via has many advantages. It saves you a lot of time and effort to outsource the logistics process, and it’s also a wise move from a marketing perspective.

Logistics via (LvB) offers you the following advantages:

  • Order processing
  • Shipping within one day
  • Extensive delivery options
  • Shipping with packaging
  • Handling of returned products
  • Customer service for questions
  • Sell within the Netherlands and Belgium
  • Products available as Select items
  • Opportunity to be listed in the buy box

With Logistics via, you outsource the processing, packaging and shipping of your orders to, including the associated administration. This benefits you, as an entrepreneur, as well as your customers.

Fast delivery times

Your customers receive their order within one day, and they also receive it in packaging. This creates trust, and that is good for your company’s image. Did something go wrong with the order, or does the customer want to return the product? will take care of this for you as well.

More comprehensive delivery options

Your products will also be marked as Select items. As a company, you give your customers the option of faster and more comprehensive delivery options. For example, your customers can choose when and where they want their order delivered. Customers who want to use Select pay a fixed amount per year, and you reach these customers by using Logistics via (LvB).

Higher search engine ranking

The marketplace is set up for the visitor. The algorithm within their site looks at various aspects to determine product positions. Important aspects are the delivery times and delivery options. When you use Logistics via (LvB) and its extensive delivery options, your products will automatically rank better in the search engine.

Opportunity to get your products into the buy box

When you use’s logistics service, you can win a listing on’s buy box. When there are multiple sellers of the same product, selects the partner with the best offer at that moment. Your prices, delivery times and service determine whether you are selected. Logistics via (LvB) ensures that you achieve a higher ranking in the various search engines with your webshop with the options of Select articles and the buy box.

Bol customer service’s customer service takes care of the payments, administration and returns of your company’s orders. It saves you a lot of time and effort, and you can be sure that all your customer’s questions will be dealt with quickly.

Saving time and effort

Besides saving you a lot of time and effort to outsource the logistics process, it also saves you money. Of course, you pay for the services of, but you don’t need storage space, and you don’t need to hire staff for order processing and customer service. The only thing you have to arrange is that all your products are sent from your supplier to’s warehouse.

The only disadvantage of Logistics via (LvB) is that you cannot sell your products through different channels. However, Amazon does offer you the option of Multi-Channel Fulfilment (MCF). You can read more about this in the blog Fulfilment by Amazon.

Costs LvB

The costs for shipping via with the Logistics via (LvB) service vary. You receive a number of Services for the rate you pay, but there are also some things you have to arrange and pay for yourself. For example, you will have to send all your products to’s central warehouse. Other expenses may include placing stickers on your products, having unsold stock recalled or destroyed or expenses such as VAT, commissions and surcharges.

Are you interested in the possibilities for your organisation?

Would you like advice on the best sales strategy on or some assistance with the registration procedure for Logistics via (LvB)? We would love to exchange ideas with you, and as MP-experts, we know what is possible and sometimes impossible when it comes to e-commerce platforms. We are available all day on various online marketplaces, and we are happy to offer you tailored advice for your business. Visit our page Selling on, Outsourcing, or get in touch with us!

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