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Amazon Advertising

Do you want to help potential customers find products faster on Amazon? By advertising on Amazon, you reach customers wherever they shop online, regardless of where they are in the buying process. Advertising is possible for all kinds of businesses, and you decide on an advertising budget that best suits you.
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What is Amazon Advertising?

With Amazon Advertising, you ensure that during an online search for a product using a keyword, your advertisement is displayed at the top of the list of search results. You pay for a favourable position in the search engine, which is visible in the form of a sponsored ad. A sponsored ad is visible at the top of the list of organic search results.

The advantages of Amazon Advertising

Amazon Advertising is available to everyone, but not everyone has the knowledge to run a successful advertisement. Due to strong competition, it is important to think carefully about the way you advertise. If you make sure that the ads are part of an internal overall Amazon marketing strategy, you will not only get more sales out of it, but the campaign will also have a positive effect on your legitimacy within Amazon. By increasing sales legitimacy, your ranking in Amazon’s organic search results will also automatically be significantly higher! Of course, you are free to choose the budget and the bids for keywords yourself.

  • You can choose from 3 types of advertising.
  • You can compile advertising campaigns.
  • You can determine the advertising budget.
  • You can determine the advertising budget.
  • The success of the campaign is fully measurable.
  • You gain more insights and market knowledge about interesting and relevant keywords.
  • A campaign ensures the strong promotion of your products and a higher ranking in the search engine.
  • You lead people to (new) articles online when they click on your ad.
  • That way, you get (first) reviews faster.

Advertising opportunities on Amazon

Amazon Advertising, otherwise known as Amazon Sponsored Ads, has three types of ads: Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display Ads. People shopping on Amazon will, for example, see similar products appear on their screen based on keywords they enter (Sponsored Products). On top of that, a product collection could appear for related products (Sponsored Brands). Finally, Amazon has Sponsored Display Ads, formerly known as Product Display Ads. For the last two forms of advertising, you need to register your brand on the Brand Registry® programme.

Amazon Sponsored Products campaign

When is it interesting to run a ‘Sponsored Products’ ad? This advertisement is visible on the detail pages of products and in the search results on Amazon. Here you will find the product, the price and the review. This form of advertising is popular because it is shown to people who are actively shopping online at that moment. It also increases the chance of visitors clicking on your products.

Amazon Sponsored Brands campaign

Sponsored Brands ads are shown to people searching for related products, and they are offered a product collection at the top of the screen. This way, several of your products are displayed instantly. People will see the products, a short description and the rating given. This form of advertising also improves awareness of your brand as it provides optimum visibility.

Amazon Sponsored Display campaign

Sponsored Display Ads, formerly known as Product Display Ads, are shown automatically on Amazon and also on other collaborating online platforms. With this option, you can highlight various products with an ad that you design yourself. It is similar to remarketing, where potential customers are shown your products several times. This is an interesting way to create extra trust; the more often one sees the products, the more trust this creates, which often encourages buying.

Costs of Amazon Advertising

How much does an ad on Amazon cost? We work with a CPC. That stands for ‘Cost Per Click’, which means you pay per click. You pay an amount every time someone clicks on your ad and is referred to the relevant products. On average, between €0.18 and €2.64 ($0.02 to $3) is charged per click. The price per click depends on the competition for the keyword you want to use for the advertisement. The higher the bid for a keyword, the higher the click price for that keyword becomes. The party who pays the most for the chosen keyword can link that word to his ad until his set budget is used up. Then, the next bidder can link the keyword to his ad and so on.

What makes an Amazon ad successful?

We at MarketPlace Expert understand how to make the most of an ad on Amazon so that you create more sales and keep your advertising costs (Advertising Cost of Sales = ACoS) low. MPE always launches ads according to a marketing strategy. We do this to generate more sales and position your brand as a legitimate expert on the market. Before launching an ad campaign, we first conduct extensive SEO research and write qualitative product information. Your content must be easy to find in search engines, but it must also appeal to the target group in terms of content. Both factors are essential to increase conversion. The advertising campaign starts as soon as the product page has been fully optimised. That is how we get the most out of your ad to promote the products and give them the boost they need. The advertisement’s success is not only derived from the sales it has generated. Maximising your brand/product legitimacy on Amazon and collecting high-quality reviews will ensure that the positive effects of the optimum visibility continue for a long time.

Would you like to know more about Amazon?

At MarketPlace Expert, we are happy to provide you with input, and we know the various advertising possibilities on Amazon. We will gladly give you tailored advice on the best strategy and ranking on Amazon for more traffic, conversion and sales. Read more about this on our Selling on Amazon and Amazon outsourcing pages or get in touch with us!

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