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Amazon Brand Store

Amazon gives brands the opportunity to create an Amazon Brand Store. This gives you, as an entrepreneur, the opportunity to present your products professionally and to clearly position your brand. Marketing your company with a Brand Store is free and designed to give your potential customers a great online shopping experience.
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Wat is een Amazon Brand Store?

The Amazon Brand Store is like having your own webshop within the Amazon shop. You get your own environment (webshop) where you determine the content of your page and your company style. It enables you to market your company and thus your brand professionally. With this Brand Store, you create a clear overview of your product range. You also creat an uniform image of what you as a brand and company stand for by adding A+ content with matching corporate identity. The Brand Store makes you more visible to your customers and strengthens your brand. This creates trust, which can lead to more visitors to your Amazon web store and more sales.

Advantages of the Brand Store

What does the Amazon Brand Store do for you? Being visible on Amazon, one of the most popular and largest online marketplaces, offers you the following advantages:

  • Your customers can find multiple products of your brand in one place.
  • Your customers become familiar with your brand through the information you share.
  • You have the opportunity to show your customers how your products can help them.
  • You rank higher in the search results of various search engines.
  • Your customers see you as an expert and give you prestige through your presence on Amazon.
  • You can communicate seasonal and promotional campaigns to your customers more easily.
  • Advertise from other external channels and link them to your Brand Store.

What does it take to open an Amazon Brand Store?

To open the Amazon Brand Store, you need to be registered with the Amazon Brand Registry® programme. When your trade name is in the Amazon Brand Registry, they assist you in strengthening and protecting your brand as an entrepreneur. You will then have access to all kinds of tools, and they will advise you on how to best position your brand on the market. You can read more about this programme on the blog ‘Amazon Brand Registry®’.

What are the steps you need to take to open a Brand Store?

As we mentioned, you need to register your company with the Amazon Brand Registry® program. Once that is done, take the next steps to activate your Brand Store.

  • You are a registered Amazon seller; Selling on Amazon
  • You are approved for Amazon Brand Registry®.
  • Your Amazon Brand Store will be visible within Amazon Advertising.
  • You activate your brand store in Amazon ads; Stores.
  • You set up your store;
    • Define the structure of your brand store.
    • Create shopping pages for your different product groups.
    • Add videos, text and images.
  • Submit your Brand Store for review.
  • Your online webshop should be up and running within 24 hours.

Then you are ready to welcome your customers online in your Amazon Brand Store, which means your customers can always find you, and you can now start selling.

Examples of Brand Stores

Would you like to know more about Amazon?

We would love to discuss your needs with you, and as an MPExpert, we know the possibilities of Amazon Brand Stores. We will be happy to give you advice on how to best position your brand and product range on Amazon to increase traffic, conversion and sales. You can read more about this on Selling on Amazon, Amazon Outsourcing or get in touch with us!

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