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Amazon A+ content

Do you want your potential customers to know who you are, what you stand for and what you sell? Do you want the most important features of your products to be clearly visible? Placing A+ content on your Amazon brand page makes this possible and gives your brand a strong position in the market.
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What is Amazon A+ content?

With A+ content, you provide your product descriptions with unique and original content. You place descriptions that describe your products and brand. In addition, you can give each product a title, add qualitative images and determine where certain content will be placed. It is essential that your Amazon page shows who you are as a company (identity) and what you want to convey (image) and that this corresponds. When your brand story is uniform with clear images and language, it creates trust, and trust attracts customers.

What do you need for A+ content?

Amazon’s Brand Registry® programme is the right choice to improve your brand experience on Amazon, strengthen and protect your brand, and increase brand awareness. To be able to post A+ content, you must be signed up to Amazon’s Brand Registry-program and must have a professional seller account.

Basic- and premium content

Whether it’s Amazon basic content (A+) or Amazon premium content (A++), both options allow you to place specific content when you’re registered with Amazon’s Brand Registry® programme. The difference lies in the number of options for posting content, such as character limits for product descriptions.

Basic A+ content

If you are a professional seller on Amazon and registered as a brand owner with Amazon Brand Registry, you can take advantage of Amazon’s free basic content (A+) opportunities. This allows you to answer your customers’ most frequently asked questions by sharing relevant product information on your brand page.

You receive the following options with basic A+ content:

  • Twelve basic content types
  • Five spots on your detail page (modules) to highlight your product features
  • Each module is a maximum of 970 pixels wide
  • Mobile-friendly content

Basic A+ content is free of charge for brand owners and sellers registered as a professional seller on Amazon and who have signed up to the Brand Registry programme. This is easy to use and allows you to expand your content on your brand page on Amazon.

Premium A+ content

Premium A+ content is also called A++ content because, in addition to the options of basic A+ content, you get extra options for placing unique content. It is not free, and you have to be invited by Amazon to use it.

You receive the following options with premium A+ content:

  • Seven spots on your detail page (modules) to highlight your product features
  • Each module is a maximum of 1464 pixels wide
  • Video (full width)
  • Video with text
  • Carousel modules
  • Images with hotspots
  • Images with background text
  • Interactive comparison tables

Premium A+ content is only available to very large brand owners using Amazon Vendor Central and who have been invited by Amazon to join. Costs depend on your brand, and you will need to negotiate a deal with Amazon that suits your brand.

Advantages of A+ content

Adding A+ content to your product page on Amazon has the following advantages:

  • You can add unique content to your product descriptions
  • You can add quality images of your products
  • A+ content allows you to make your story stand out visually
  • Help your visitor scan the page with titles and images
  • You can tell your story by using your corporate identity in text and images
  • You create clarity about product features
  • You directly answer frequently asked questions in your texts
  • You improve your brand recognition
  • You connect with your customers through a clear brand story
  • You develop a strong reputation through a clear presentation
  • You increase conversion through a clear details page
  • You have a lower returns percentage when questions are answered in advance
  • Your products with A+ content have a higher position within Amazon.

By choosing A+ content, you give your brand more visibility. You can also better inform your customers and give them a better brand experience. This can lead to more customers wanting to know and learn more about your products and brand. This increases the chances of more traffic to your brand page and website and possibly more sales.

Do you need help creating A+ content?

In our Amazon management packages, we help you create professional A+ content. We schedule a meeting to discuss how we can strategically use the A+ content and provide you with a proposal. Once you approve the content, one of our Amazon experts will ensure that the A+ content is placed online according to the agreed strategy. Visit our page Amazon Outsourcing, Selling on Amazon or get in touch with us!

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