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Do you want your products to be more visible to your potential customers? Start advertising on this well-known Dutch online marketplace with a ''Sponsored Products''-campaign and make your products directly visible to a larger audience.
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Advertising opportunities on

When customers search for a certain product on, you can use a ‘Sponsored Products’ campaign to make sure that your products are brought to their attention by showing your ad. You can advertise all kinds of articles, the most important condition is that you have won the Buy Box. The Dutch Advertising Code Committee (RCC) has also established a number of rules that you should take into account. Goods that spoil easily are often not allowed.

The advantages of Advertising

We already mentioned that the main advantage of advertising on is that your products become more visible on this dutch Marketplace.

The idea of advertising on several online Marketplaces is always the same. You bring your offer to the attention of your target audience by writing strong content and using keywords wisely. In this way you establish your brand strongly and unambiguously in the market. All in line with the goal to get more traffic on your product pages in order to sell more. The most important part of a successful advertising strategy is that you optimize your product page before you launch the ad. This will helps you to get the highest possible conversion rate.

In short the advantages of “Sponsored Products” ads are:

  • You decide which products to advertise
  • Increase your visibility on specific keywords
  • Boost your product sales and seller authority
  • You only Pay Per Click (PPC)

Where do I show my ad on

Where do people find your ad on Advertisements are shown on the website and in the app. You can choose to show the ad in the search results, category pages and/or product pages. The more specific a customer search, the better the search results are, so it’s important that you as an entrepreneur know where in the search (customer journey) you can best approach them. Sponsored Products ads costs works with a bidding system like most other online marketplaces. You decide how much you want to spend on certain keywords/products and you only pay when a visitor clicks on your ad. So there is a ‘cost per click (CPC)’ price. As soon as the customer clicks on your ad, they will be directed to your product page. There the customer decides, based on the presentation of your product and the product description, if it suits their buying needs. It is therefore important to make this information focussed on the visitor, unique and clear as possible.

Is advertising on suitable for your brand?

It is good to know the advantages of advertising on and also to be critical about whether this is the way for your business to sell more products. A good reason to continue advertising on is to boost your product authority, or when there is a lot of competition between your business and other providers. The advertisement can certainly help you to attract attention. Even when your organisation is not very well known yet, the advertisement can make your company more known. Of course, the costs you pay for the advertisement will be deducted from your profit margin, so we are happy to help you think of the best strategy, so that you can make the most of it.

Would you like to know more about

At MarketPlace Expert, we are happy to provide you with input, and we know the various advertising possibilities on We will gladly give you tailored advice on the best strategy and ranking on Amazon for more traffic, conversion and sales. Read more about this on our Selling on and outsourcing pages or get in touch with us!

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