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Author Archives: fabian

7 Reasons to Start Advertising via Marketplaces

Do you want to learn more about advertising on Marketplaces? In summary, advertising on and Amazon not only offers the opportunity to quickly showcase your products and gain a competitive edge but also to gather valuable insights essential for the success of your brand. By investing in ads on these marketplaces, you’re not just […]

Amazon Coupons – Boost Your Sales with Smart Marketing

What Are Amazon Coupons? Amazon Coupons are digital discount vouchers offered to both sellers and customers on the Amazon platform. They serve as an effective means to incentivize the purchase of specific products and can be considered a form of promotion. Sellers have the option to place these coupons on their product pages, encouraging potential […]

MarketPlace Expert is now recognized as an SBB accredited training company!

What does this mean for students? As a recognized training company, we provide students with the opportunity to learn and grow in a real professional environment. They will have the chance to gain practical experience, work on real projects, and be part of our dynamic team of experts. Our guidance and support will help them […]

Channable Marketplace integrator

A Powerful Integrator for Your E-commerce The Channable Integrator is a robust platform that simplifies the process of managing product listings, inventory, and orders across various online marketplaces. With Channable, you can efficiently optimize and synchronize your product data, ensuring your listings are always up-to-date and maximizing your sales potential. More about the Channable Integrator […]

Logistics via

What is Logistics via Bol (LvB)? ‘Logistics via’ (LvB) differs from ‘Shipping via’. You can buy package stamps to swiftly and affordably send your products via PostNL. Logistics via entails assuming part of your company’s logistical process. Your products are stored in’s warehouse, and you delegate order shipping and […]